Tired of going it alone?

We coach founders and business leaders in groups too.

If you want to go further faster in your business, having a special inner circle of confidantes and trusted advisors makes all the difference.

These people are right alongside you when the going gets rough and you need help to untangle yourself. They’ll also cheer your progress along and celebrate your success.

When founders and business leaders work out loud together they figure things out, spark ideas and generate a collective acumen you simply can’t do alone.

We host Founder Coaching Circles to create candid conversation, strategic insight and the practical next steps you need to take.

Our Coaching Circles meet online (via videoconference), in-person at a coworking space or over dinner and drinks in Wellington.

There are 6-8 people in each Circle. We curate the group of people so there is a good fit between founders styles and interests.

We also organise multi-day founder retreats in the city, at the beach and in the country to help you reboot yourself and your business.

 Complete the form below to apply to join a Founder Coaching Circle and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Complete the form below to apply to join a Founder Coaching Circle and we’ll be in touch soon.

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