NZ GovTECH Accelerator

Are you ready to accelerate?


If you are joining the 2020 NZ GovTECH Accelerator you’re in the right place. Welcome and hello. 

You are on the fast track to innovate in the New Zealand Public Sector. It’s going to be intense, inspiring and exciting. And, exceedingly hard work. But we know you’re up for that.

As well as building your innovation acumen, the Accelerator will build your entrepreneurial leadership skills so that you can thrive on the hard work of being part of an accelerator team.

And that work starts now. Before you join the programme.

This short video tells you what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming leadership workshops during Bootcamp.

To prepare for Bootcamp, download your activation guide by clicking the button above. This is a self-guided workbook designed to help you identify your strengths, limitations and natural tendencies. It will also help you clarify your goals for the accelerator and how you work best as part of a team.

You can expect to spend around two hours to complete the guide. Just remember, it’s not a test. There are no right or wrong answers, simply your point of view.

Bring your completed activation guide and other notes with you to the NZ GovTECH Accelerator Bootcamp Leadership Workshops. This will speed up your participation and contribution to building your team.

If you get stuck, have any questions or need help in any way to prepare, just ask.

Call Julie 027 664 6335 or email