To begin is to lead.


To start. To make change happen. To make progress. Take action.

Whether you are shaking things up or creating stuff from scratch, it’s taking the initiative that counts.

It’s natural to want the right conditions to get going. To be ready.  But to lead is to begin. And you’ll figure out everything else.

And, so it is with this journal. A place for just sayin’. For reflecting and sharing. For ranting and raving.  We’ll be breaking down the conventions, complications and cliches of what it takes to lead without fuss and fanfare and bring more creativity and innovation into the world of work.

Just Lead exists to democratise leadership, and here’s our agenda

We’re about leadership for humans – the glorious messiness of being human that brings out the leader that’s within all of us. In our world, there are no blueprints for what being a leader is. To be a leader is to be human that uses their talents well and the power vested in them wisely.

Just lead is a tiny creature in a growing movement to help ambitious people become better, more impactful and less fearful of taking action. We’ll be challenging you to stop wondering, quit waiting and start leading.

It’s the start of a conversation. Join in with comments below.